Our own footwear sample room

We are the first design school in Italy with our own footwear sample room equipped with all the machines commonly used to make shoes in a factory.
Because you can't learn the art of shoemaking without getting your hands dirty!

We strongly believe that a shoe design or a shoe engineering course should include a number of hours dedicated to making shoes with the support of expert technicians in a shoe factory or in a sample room.

The quality of shoes often is in the details of materials and construction.

Giving a student the opportunity to experiment, even make mistakes, realize which choices have to be made and which compromises have to be faced in production it’s the only way to teach the art of shoemaking. That is the reason why we have decided to set up a complete and running footwear sample room in Arsutoria School.

For years we have moved the shoe class to an external laboratory equipped with machines for shoe making. In 2015 we have decided to launch the ARS-LAB, and we have invested into a complete sample room with all the machines of a footwear factory.

A team of expert workers guide our students through the unique experience of making their shoes. So far we are not offering courses to train factory workers: our expert teachers run the machines and not the students. But we are convinced that shoe students learn much more if not only they are exposed to but if they can participate in the shoe manufacturing process.

In the ARS-LAB it is possibile to make woman, man and children shoes. Flat and heeled shoes. Board lasted, mocassins and strobel upper constructions. Cemented construction for the bottom.