Bag semester diploma

This extensive and intensive program responds to the training needs of those who want to maximize their education in the bag domain by acquiring technical, design and practical skills that will support opening their own workshop, working for a specific brand or become an expert of this fashion’s leading sector.​

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Our most in-depth program for bag professionals

The approach of the course is practical so, not only students will learn every aspect of bag making: from design to pattern making through a wide variety of bag models but will also have the opportunity to deep dive into materials and therefore understand how to source them.

Students will also have the opportunity to explore their creativity through the development of a collection where they will design, create a merchandising plan therefore enrich their portfolio or create their first one for the basis for their own brand.

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Who is this career path aimed to?

The program is dedicated to those who:

• Want to deep dive in the leather goods sector and especially focus on bags
• Wish to learn how to create a brand of bags
• Want to learn the best practices of the industry from lifelong experts and technicians
• Value Italy as the place to learn how to develop fashion bags

Designers (from any field)

Product developers

Pattern makers


There's no prerequisite to join this program. Just your passion, enthusiasm and dedication.

Professional opportunities

This intensive study program lays the groundwork to tackle the following professional careers:

Pattern Makers

sample makers

Bag designers

Bag product developers

Bag enterpreneurs

semester diploma

Master the basic rules for correct and functional pattern design, experimenting from ten constructions: 7/8 styles of these will be prototyped by students in the sample room.

A full immersion in marketing and branding activities to launch a competitive bag brand on the market.

This course will simulate a collection development process so students will develop a moodboard, complete sketches together with materials and colors, to finalize the class by presenting their collection. The collection developed may be the starting point to launch the individual’s brand or a development of the portfolio.

To complete the training and really deep dive into the accessory world, students will be followed through the production of 3 bags (patterns not developed during the initial Pattern Making and Prototyping module)

pattern making and prototyping
branding and marketing
collection design and merchandising
bag making