Shoe designer career

The goal of the 10-week Shoe Design training path is to acquire or deepen creative and drawing/sketching/shoe as well as 3D designing skills to develop a shoe collection. From marketing to branding, this training path wishes to form designers who understand the target audience, the challenge to stand out among other brands and are able to develop their designs manually and through the Adobe tools as well as through 3D modelling tools. Within the program students are able to develop one complete collection and deep dive into sneaker design as well.

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Get your shoe design fix with this 10-week path

From hand sketching to digital drawing and coloring, 3D modeling and rendering with state-of-the-art software, collection development and marketing and branding, this career path will make you ready to enter any company as a skilled, multi-disciplinary designer.

Although the 10-week Shoe design training path offers a comprehensive and complete training in shoe design, Arsutoria School also advises to take the 12-week shoe pattern making class prior to the Shoe Design path in order to well understand how patterns are made so to design at best any style and make sure that designs can get translated smoothly into samples.

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Who is this career path aimed to?

Designers (from any field)

We welcome anyone with a background in the design field to join this path to learn advanced techniques and softwares to expand his/her knowledge

Product developers

Learn the ins and outs, the challenges and the tricks to develop shoes in a smart and cost-efficient way


There's no prerequisite to join this program. Just your passion, enthusiasm and dedication.

Professional opportunities

Shoe Designer

Shoe 3d digital Designer

shoe design
career path

The Design path includes various classes within the design domain. They can also be taken individually, however, in order to maximize the learning experience Arsutoria School advises to take the complete path. Please notice that by taking the full path, students gain a a significant tuition fee reduction.
Shoe design
Sneaker design
3D design: uppers and soles