Shoe enterpreneur career path

This 7-week Shoe entrepreneur path achieves the acquisition of the main features needed to launch and develop a footwear brand.

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Make your own footwear line

At Arsutoria School we believe that a shoe entrepreneur must be able to know how shoes are made, therefore the industrial process behind manufacturing, shoe designing and above all how to launch a shoe brand. Particular relevance is given to material sourcing, costing and design strategies as well as factory scouting.

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Who is this career path aimed to?

Designers (from any field)

Product developers

Pattern makers

If you already have a background in the footwear field and desire to launch your own line or footwear brand, this is definitely the course for you


There's no prerequisite to join this program. Just your passion, enthusiasm and dedication.

Professional opportunities

This program builds up to become a:

Shoe brand enterpreneur

Shoe Designer

shoe entepreneur
career path

The Shoe Entrepreneur path includes classes on shoe manufacturing processes, shoe design, product development and costing and how to startup a shoe brand. They can also be taken individually, however, in order to maximize the learning experience Arsutoria School advises to take the complete path. Please notice that by taking the full path, students gain a significant tuition fee reduction.
costing and sourcing
marketing and branding strategy
Shoe design
Startup your shoe brand
how shoes are made