Shoe pattern making career

The 17-week shoe pattern making path represents the fundamental essence to know and get to the heart of the footwear world. Any industry professional (shoe designers, footwear product developers or line managers to name a few) with a solid grasp on patten making, understand how shoes are made and therefore can easily/more quickly perform their job duties/role.

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Become a shoe master pattern technician

Shoe pattern making is our core strength from more than 70 years. We trained countless professionals now working for the top footwear companies in the world.

That’s why we’re confident that you will find your path with this intensive career course.

Shoe Pattern Making is the core of shoe making therefore Arsutoria School advises to attend it to all footwear professionals to fast-track their career or people who want to enter the industry.

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Who is this career path aimed to?

Designers (from any field)

We welcome anyone with a background in the design field to join this path to expand his/her knowledge and become a better designer by knowing how correct shoe patterns are made

Product developers

By learning the challenges of footwear pattern making, you will be able to better tackle the problems and the limitations you have to face during your day-to-day work


There's no prerequisite to join this program. Just your passion, enthusiasm and dedication.

Professional opportunities

This program builds up to become a:

Shoe pattern maker

Shoe prototyper

2d cad pattern maker

shoe pattern making
career path

The Pattern Making path includes all the classes within the pattern making domain. They can also be taken individually, however, in order to maximize the learning experience Arsutoria School advises to take the complete path. Please notice that by taking the full path, students gain a a significant tuition fee reduction.
shoe Pattern making & prototyping
Sneaker pattern making
2d cad for shoe pattern making