Shoe one year diploma

Students will be challenged with a complete program that will provide a deep overlook of the knowledge required nowadays by the footwear industry​

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Our most in-depth program for shoe professionals

The approach of the course is practical so, not only students will learn every aspect of shoe making: from design to pattern making through a wide variety of technical patterns for both woman and man from casual to dressy styles but will also have the opportunity to deep dive into materials as well as product development and costing.

Students will also have the opportunity to explore their creativity through the development of a collection where they will design, create a merchandising plan therefore enrich their portfolio or create their first one for the basis for their own brand.

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Who is this career path aimed to?

The program is dedicated to those who:

• Want to deep dive in the footwear sector
• Wish to learn how to create a brand of shoes
• Want to learn the best practices of the industry from lifelong experts and technicians
• Value Italy as the place to learn how to develop fashion shoes

Designers (from any field)

Product developers

Pattern makers


There's no prerequisite to join this program. Just your passion, enthusiasm and dedication.

Professional opportunities

This intensive study program lays the groundwork to tackle the following professional careers:

Pattern Makers

sample makers

shoe designers

shoe 3D designer

shoe product developers

shoe enterpreneurs

one year diploma

The program offers a great balance between innovation and tradition as students will also learn the use of specific softwares for 2D and 3D modeling.

While acquiring technical skills, students will work in the sample room with Italian artisans and technicians to become familiar with stitching operations and making some upper prototypes made with microfiber.

Special focus will be given to sneakers being the driving force for both athletic and fashion brands. Particular attention will be given to pattern making, design and prototyping.

Arsutoria School strongly supports the acquisition of footwear product development and costing therefore dedicates an insightful part of the program to learn about the manufacturing processes

The program is intensive and students will be evaluated regularly on each aspect of the course in order to become self-conscious so to maximize their skills acquisition and also to understand which profession within the shoe industry suits them best.

pattern making and prototyping
Sneaker design, pattern making and prototyping
Tools for 3D digital design
Marketing and design of a shoe collection
Product development and costing
visits to companies