Our Story

CraftLink’s story began with a simple question: why is the leather goods industry in Africa still so fragmented? Despite the growing recognition of Africa’s creative industries, especially in music, arts, and fashion, the demand for leather goods and accessories has been at an all-time high in the past decade, with “Made in Africa” products gaining more attention worldwide

However, local brands in the leather goods industry have struggled to meet this demand due to issues such as the unrefined skill sets of local artisans, difficulty in sourcing skilled artisans, lack of advanced third-party production facilities, and poor understanding and control of the leather goods ecosystem.

As a result, many local brands resort to importing from other countries or producing only a few items with unreliable and low-skilled artisans, hindering market penetration. Meanwhile, in the Western world, small and medium businesses are increasingly seeking ethical ways to produce fashion items, including leather goods. Africa, known as the home of “Slow Fashion,” should be well-positioned to meet this demand, but currently falls short.

This realization led to the birth of CraftLink, a brand committed to addressing the gaps in the African leather goods industry. By empowering individuals from underserved communities with comprehensive training, providing advanced production facilities, and promoting ethical production practices.

“ The future of leather goods manufacturing in Africa”