Shoe design course

If you have creative ideas to realize your shoe collection project, but you do not know the design tools that are used to express them graphically, the Shoe Design course of Arsutoria School will guide you to discover the expressive means of hand and digital drawing, to convey your inspiration in a technically coherent and accomplished shoe design project.

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Bring your ideas to life

Design is a fetish word of our era. A word that we often quote and, especially in fashion, we often overlap with the concept of style.
But style is the result of a creative idea transformed into a project, transformed into a design.

And the design is the main technical skill for expressing and bringing to life a creative idea. The designer is an artist. Creativity and specific technical skills allow him/her to put his/her ideas at the service of a project.

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Shoe design course: is it the right one for you?

The Shoe Design course is for:


Those who would like to launch a footwear collection, despite having no experience, and want to know, in a short time, what are the technical means of expression of shoe design and how to characterize the project from a graphic point of view.

Pattern makers

Pattern makers who want an "upgrade" in their profession through knowledge of the creative and design side of footwear and, thus, better understand the "reasons" of the designers.


The new generation of footwear company owners, who have just finished their economic and marketing studies and want to acquire common tools for dialogue with the style department and shoe designers.


Everyone who is curious to know the expressive tools of shoe collection design.

You can find this course in these career paths:


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of the course

It is essential to be able to visually communicate the ideas of your shoe collection to those who will have to translate it into technical models and then turn them into prototypes.

At the end of Arsutoria School’s intensive Shoe Design Course you will have acquired operational knowledge on the design process of the collection, by learning about the tools that define its expressive capacity in a clear and interpretable way: hand sketching and digital design.

Hand drawing / Sketching

A sheet of paper, a pen, your hands: this is the starting point of every shoe design. Even yours. First of all, hand sketching: the tool that allows you to transform the ideas in your head into something expressed graphically, so that the style, proportions and components of the shoe can be modified and perfected. The teacher will guide your way of sketching the styles and components of the shoe, helping you to create the designs and correcting them, if necessary, and teaching you the right way to enhance your creative ideas. This will allow you to improve your graphic expression and make the drawings of your collection technically correct and visually effective.

Digital design with Adobe® Photoshop and Illustrator

The transition from manual graphics to digital graphics allows significantly increasing the visual quality of your collection. The outline of your shoes becomes sharp, coloured and detailed and your collection becomes aesthetically effective and technically readable. The teacher will provide you with the tools and strategies for using the two digital graphics programs, which will help you turn your creative ideas into a visually appealing and striking design.