Shoe product development and costing course

The Arsturia School intensive course in Product Development & Costing will give you the essential tools to understand what it means to develop and produce your collection and, especially if you are at your first experience, you will benefit from the knowledge and direct experience of professional who already work in the sector.

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Hidden challenges in collection development

Each collection project requires a careful evaluation of aspects that have nothing to do with creativity, style and design, as we commonly understand it. Apparently.

Because Design is first and foremost a product project and a project that works and can evolve profitably over time, requires a deep knowledge of all the aspects that allow the creative idea you had, the collection you thought and designed, to become reality: first prototype, then samples and finally a fully realized, produced, sold collection. The crowning glory of your project.

Product development is planning a strategy that brings your collection project to life and success: it is analysis, calculation, selection and, yes, often also renunciation: materials, components, planning the right product mix and cost evaluation of every single segment must be carefully planned and implemented.

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Is this the right course for you?

The Shoe Product Development and Costing course is aimed at:


Designers who want to follow the development of their project, knowing how to think after "design", how product development involves analyzing, breaking down their initial ideas and transforming them into products to sell.

Junior pattern makers

Young pattern makers whom want to have more specific knowledge and tools on product development.


Those who would like to launch a footwear collection or brand, despite having no experience in the sector, and want to understand, in a short time, how product development works: processes, strategies, risks and mistakes to avoid


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of the course

At the end of the Arsutoria School intensive course in Product Development & Costing you will have acquired knowledge on the development process of the collection, its steps, its needs, its criticalities and its costs. Through case studies of companies in the footwear manufacturing world, you will understand the development times and the flexibility required in the product choices and in the most economically adequate solutions, so that your collection has a chance of success.

Materials and consumption

First step from the idea to the reality of your collection: everything you had in mind while designing it, now that you have to develop it, must be researched, screened, approved and “launched”: shapes, materials, colors, variants, samples or production of heels, soles, molds. You will learn that every single model has its own precious identity card: the technical data sheet that identifies every single component and will allow you to share precise and clear information for procurement and the calculation of production costs.

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Design to costing

When you think of all the models, materials, colors, variants of which your collection is made, someone intervenes to cut, reduce, undress. The product manager is the one who thinks about how much your collection costs, but thinks about your good and the good of your company: how to reduce costs, without sacrificing too much.
You will be given the basic notions to understand in advance how much the costs of materials and processes affect the creation of collections and how these costs, in turn, affect the production processes.
Planning the right product mix within the collection, the correct balance between style proposal, development and production costs and market needs, requires flexibility and strategic intelligence and can decisively influence the sales success of a collection.