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Shoe specialization courses application

For 70 years our courses have trained the best footwear professionals. From technical training to design, our footwear specialization courses cover all the topics that are useful for the student to enter the footwear industry or to strengthen the skills already acquired.

Shoe career paths application

Thanks to over 70-years of expertise at educating footwear professionals, Arsutoria School has identified 5 career paths within the footwear field. We suggests you carefully read the proposed paths to understand which one is the most appropriate for you.

Shoe one year diploma application

The approach of the course is practical so, not only students will learn every aspect of shoe making: from design to pattern making through a wide variety of technical patterns for both woman and man from casual to dressy styles, to materials sourcing and 3D design.

Bag specialization courses application

Didactic paths of medium and short duration. From modeling to design, our specialization courses offer all the useful insights for the student who wants to access the footwear and leather goods industry and for all those who want to land or implement their skills.

Bag career paths application

Thanks to the strong linkages with the industry and through Milan-based factories workers training, Arsutoria School has identified a career path within the bag domain. Arsutoria School suggests to carefully read the proposed path to understand which one is the most appropriate for you.

Bag semester diploma application

This extensive and intensive program responds to the training needs of those who want to maximize their education in the bag domain by acquiring technical, design and practical skills that will support opening their own workshop, working for a specific brand or become an expert of this fashion’s leading sector.​

Accessories one year diploma application

The recently launched shoe and bag one-year intensive course aims at training a well-rounded professional, with both design and making skills, in the field of fashion accessories.